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 This is a new addition to our website - Here you will receive news from us about

new services we provide, updates on tax as we go through the annual Government budgets,

and changes in the Law, such as Law relating to pensions.

Automatic Enrolment


With more and more Companies and businesses having to provide their Employees with a pension scheme, are you ready to enrol? When is your staging date? Do you know whats required of you?


No, then look no further, just make contact with us and we can arrange for our consultant to contact you to discuss all these matters quickly and efficiently.

Ever had a Tax Enquiry?


Ever had an enquiry into your tax return? Are you prepared for one? What about a Vat Enquiry? What do you think your chances are of an Enquiry. We all say it wont happen to me, but it could happen at any time.


Do you realise that this would be an additional cost to you? As your Accountant, we would have to charge you for this additional service! Well, don't worry, we can get round this - we can provide you with our tax enquiry fee protection cover at a very low cost to you. The charge can be set against your profits (so this reduces your tax slightly), and you would not pay us for carrying out the enquiry work for you - an insurance company would....and your premium would not go up drastically if you made a claim! If you're interested contact us today!

Need Help Registering for Vat, Paye? Becoming An Employer?


Look no further, we are here to help you. Once we have all the relavent information from you, we can apply online on your behalf.


We would charge a small one off fee for this service - so don't be shy, contact us today!

We are Accountants for the Individual, Sole Trader, Partnership and Limited Company. We provide a wide range of services including accountancy, taxation, bookkeeping, vat and payroll just to name a few services. We provide many, many more services. All appointments are free of change, and we will confirm in writing the services we provide and the fees agreed by providing all new clients with a letter of engagement. 

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